Friday, January 8, 2010

Flowers aplenty: Hydrangeas, petunias and Calendulas.

Saturday 9th January 2010

The pink small petaled plant is my neighbours specimen.

This one is in my garden, funny that this year the other two plants have only one flower head between them, my neighbour says probably because I am a scrooge with water. Well not the case this year, I mulched heavily and checked today and they are lovely and moist under the mulch.

Two colours of Agapanthas, the white and the blue below. Some have not flowered and I wonder why?

Marigold of which a lady I gardened for said she would spread over the ACT.

The purple petunias a bit hit by the strong sun.

The one carnation flower, more are on their way after I deheaded the tops.


  1. Beautiful !
    We are in the deep freeze here, 15 degrees tonight!I used to live in the Florida Keys, and am a retired hairdresser. I worked at 'Little Palm Island' and did hair and makeup for brides and the white flower you showed is one I would pick and use in up-do's. I love carnations, smell is heaven!

  2. Thanks Claudia, what an interesting life you have led, it must have been lovely in the Florida Keys.

  3. Hi Kas,

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. After having a relatively warm day yesterday and seeing your beautiful pictures, I've got a case of spring fever! Unfortunately, I started reorganizing my closets last night and now have a huge mess to clean up....I knew that would happen :)

    I want to say that if I lived near you, I'd love to help you get an animal sanctuary set up.

  4. So Pretty!!! Stunningly beautiful ...

  5. Hi Kas, this is my first visit to your new blog, I look forward to more visits and sharing your passion for flowers and gardens. I also dream not so much as getting an animal sanctuary set up but some time being a volunteer to help injured wildlife. That's one of my garden aims - to help support wildlife.
    Cheers, catmint